The Skylanders Sidekicks Frito-Lay Promotion (Coming Soon)

Greetings, Portal Masters!  We here at Skylanders Anonymous are excited because our very own Captain Eon has stumbled upon this advertisement regarding this year’s Frito-Lay promotion.


New Skylanders Sidekicks!  You can bet that everyone here at Skylanders Anonymous will be at our local groceries hunting down these bags of chips… *ahem*  Well, actually… Captain Eon has just sent me pictures of the bags of chips.

chips1 chips2

Thank you Captain Eon!!!




Awesome!  This bag was $7.00 at Ralphs with club card.  Also, check out the awesome coupons! $10.00 off a swap force starter pack!!!!!!!

Looks like I’ll be eating chips everyday.

Hope you guys are excited as we are!!! Let us know how many bags of chips you bought!!!


Note: All products were purchased with our own money, we are not affiliated with any brands/companies mentioned/pictured in this post.

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